Open the stage for feedback

Knowing the following is absolutely nothing new (see at least one source i found), i feel the urge to remind me, myself and everone else about this small question before giving feedback/:

Are you open for feedback/my observations/my two cents/…?

Why do i remind us all? Its simple: it stops you from doing a belly flop and lets you do a nice plunge into the topic! And you show respect to your counterpart. By giving the chance to dismiss the feedback, you show, that you care about the feelings and energy levels of them. A great side effect is, that if someone is in neutral mood before, she will open up to your feedback, because of getting curious and having the chance to influence the situation. side effect: most people will say “yes”, cause they really become curious.

How do you start your feedback? What motivated you when getting feedback? Leave a comment and let the world know!

Thanks for reading and sharing!

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