Results of the agility survey

As you may have noticed i shared a short survey about agility. It contained ten questions about your experience, your view on agile and what you lack. In this blog post i want to summarize the whole survey.

First of all a real big THANK YOU to all who participated! You gave real great input and it was fun to read it. There were absolutely positive answers which showed, that some really want to learn more in special fields. Also there were answers from guys who see agile at a whole or some implementations critical. I honestly appreciate every answer and every participant. You gave me the chance to learn something new! You made me think about stepping into a post Taylorism world. You made me reflecting on how to use the words agile and agility. And it was easy to look up what could come after agile.

One question you brought up was “What are you going todo with the results?“. My short answer: i will publish and share the results anonymised here under Creative Commons BY 4.0. I will contact the participants and will see what happens next. My hope is to find some things i can share with the world in a conference talk. Sure, i already have some ideas, but i want to double check them with real interested humans and fit them to their needs.

Lets dive in by having a short look on the questions, before we look at the results and some visualisations!

The questions

There were the following questions in the survey:

  • How old are you? (possible answers “15-25”, “25-35”, “35-45”, “over 45”)
  • How many years do you already know agility?
  • How many years do you already work in agile organizations?
  • How many years do you overall work in agile roles (e.g. Software Developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach)?
  • Please describe in one sentence what agility is for you (if you need more than a sentence, feel free ;))!
  • What are your currently biggest challenges with agility?
  • …and where could you need help/directions/food for thoughts/impulses?
  • About which topic would love to visit a talk at a conference?
  • Thank you for participating! Anything else you want to get off your chest?
  • How can i contact you for discussions or some deeper questions? My honest promise: absolutely no newsletter or advertisement!

The answers

The real interesting part comes now: the results! Again the short note: everything here is anonymised. Here is the link to the original answers as exported to a CSV file. For an easier and more readable experience here is an PDF print of the online survey. And as i worked through the material i condensed everything in a TXT file.

To have a better understanding and an overview i created some mindmappish images of the four most important questions about agile/agility:


Again a big THANKS to all of you! I learnt about agility and the way people perceive it. It broadened my view on things. If some of the anonymous participants want to get in touch now or later: feel free!

And as always: thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you liked it or have suggestions!

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