Tutorial: How to create a nailboard – remark, an alternative solution

In this post i want to show you a fast alternative way how you could create a nailboard like i showed you in my former post. I got the idea from Wefyb at the BlenderArtists forum (thanks for this 😉 ). I will not discuss it too deep, because it is really easy to apply. You can get more information about the DupliVerts method in the blender documentation. I describe the solution in blender 2.5.

Let’s go:
When you have modeled your nail you add a plane:
add a plane

Then parent the plane to the nail by

  • selecting the nail,
  • select the plane too (holding shift) and
  • pressing Ctrl+P and select “Object”.

Now select the plane and go to the “Object Properties”. There is a submenu “Duplication”. Here you choose “Verts”. If all went well you have this situation:
add a plane

Now apply your imagesize by subdividing/extruding the plane in Editmode until it has the exact the same dimensions in vertices like your image has pixels. For this tutorial i only made two subdivisions, which leads to a 5×5 nailboard, you will have to scale your nails and your plane a bit, to adjust the whole thing:
add a plane

The next step is to add an displacement modifier to the plane, set the Midlevel to “0” and the direction to “Z”:
add a plane

Add a new texture:
add a plane

Go to the texture properties and set the type to “Image or Movie” and load an image:
add a plane

If all went well you have implemented your nailboard really fast. Only things to do are the modeling of the nailboard body and the scaling of the heights, which are controlled by the “Strength” value of the displacement modifier. At a later post i will discuss the difference between this kind of nailboard generation and “my way”.

I hope you liked this post. If so or if you have questions or hints, let me know it and write a comment.

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